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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

Paumanok Path Manorville Hills Project

The section of the Paumanok Path that we propose to rehabilitate is in N.E. Brookhaven, south of the Long Island Expressway.  Damage to the Paumanok Path has been caused by the combined impact of off-road vehicles, questionable engineering policies, insufficient maintenance, and unchecked water erosion.  Parts of the trail have ravines so deep that ground level is at shoulder height, while other parts of this portion of trail have been distorted into a washboard like surface. We also must improve the fencing along the Expressway, and including a split rail fence around the parking area at Halsey Manor Road with an offset gate to accommodate hikers.  We also have to look at controlling access from Hot Water Street and Toppings Path.

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