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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

 Trail Issue Inventory

  • Members of the trails groups will locate both potential and established trail parking areas on the Paumanok Path.

  • Volunteers will walk between these points, locate areas of issue or concern and photograph them with a digital camera.

  • Where appropriate, a recognizable object such as a backpack or yardstick should be added to the photograph in order to help communicate dimensions.

  • These pictures will need to be defined according to where they were taken relative to the direction and distance from the parking areas, preferably using GPS coordinates. 

A short direct statement of the problem will then need to be written.  The development of action plans, policies, or objectives will come later. At this point, we must simply gather the data and describe it as objectively as possible.

When we examine these trail segments it will be important to notice tread wear, design and engineering flaws, accessibility issues, signage, blazing, and the presence of invasive species.  We must also note littering, dumping, light pollution, safety issues and off-road vehicle damage.

The next documentation will include GPS and compass readings as well as recognizable objects in the pictures to help gauge dimensions.

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Trail Issue Inventory

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