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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

A Visit From the Subaru / IMBA Trail Care Crew


Since 1997 Subaru of America and the International Mountain Bike Association Trail Care Crews have been traveling coast to coast (and beyond), teaching trail users, mountain bikers, clubs, retailers, and land managers how to design, build, maintain and manage trails that are environmentally sound and are fun to ride walk or run.  Each two-person crew travels in a new 2000 Subaru Outback.  On July 16 and 17 the Subaru / IMBA Trail Care Crew worked with a group of trails volunteers to investigate methods of stabilizing the trails in East Hampton.

The crew that visited Long Island in July was Jen and Rich Edwards.  They are originally from Pennsylvania and upstate New York.  The Edwards gained years of bicycle retail and bike messenger experience in Washington, DC.  They spent two summers as mountain bike guides at the Elk River Touring Center in West Virginia and later worked for Arizona Off Road Adventures in Tucson.  The Edwards are passionate about all aspects of cycling, particularly bike commuting and trail work.

Both Jen and Rich showed a strong knowledge and empathy with many of the concerns the hikers discussed during our walks.  They indicated that they understood how unsettling it is to have a bicycle speed pass a hiker at a rapid rate of speed and how frightening a mountain bike can be to some horses.  Rich pointed out that it is important that we work to educate all the trail users on how to be considerate on the trails.  The Edwards helped reinforce the feeling that the different types of trail enthusiasts in the group were all members of a team.  The initiative to stabilize the treads of the trails on the island will have to involve a cooperative effort among all the user groups.  That is why it is so encouraging that members of several different groups attended the event

The East Hampton Trails Preservation Society was very supportive of the effort.  Rick Whalen, EHTPS member, an avid hiker and mountain biker extended the hospitality of his home to Rich and Jen and was instrumental in coordinating the event.  Gene Makl, Ed Porco and Richard Lupoletti, President, Vice President (and Maintenance Supervisor) and the former president of EHTPS respectively were also walking and working on the trails with us.  After the trail work on Monday, we adjourned to the Lupoletti’s home for lunch and a slide show.  Joy Lupoletti made lunch for the whole work crew.  Raymond Hartjen another EHTPS member and enthusiastic trail worker joined us for Jen and Rich’s slide presentation.

The people from BikeHampton, a progressive bicycle shop in Sag Harbor () have always promoted the responsible use of trails.  They were excited about working with IMBA.  Several months ago when Jon Alegranti (), the IMBA / Subaru Trail Crew Coordinator confirmed that the crew would be visiting East Hampton, Shari Hymes, Mary Scheerer and Ted Ventre were the first group to volunteer to participate in the project.  They indicated an interest in getting more involved in the maintenance of the trails.

Also present was Gus Bahrenburg a member of the Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists club, Ken Spadafora a gifted trail builder and a hike leader for the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference and Ken Kindler Trail Maintenance Supervisor for Southampton Trails Preservation Society.

Subaru of America should be commended for helping to create an effective active trails resource.  Many companies donate money for environmental causes, but very few actually participate in initiating change in a positive direction.  Earlier this year several trails groups were discussing starting an initiative for a methodical scientific approach to stabilize the trails of the island.  The Subaru / IMBA crew came along just when they could do the most good.

While I am spreading the praise around, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the www.imba.com website is very informative.  It puts a lot of stress on teaching responsible mountain biking and promoting cooperation between the different trail modalities.


The following pictures show Rich and Jen measuring the slope of the trail, the removal of the leaf and soil layer from the area that was graded, the grading and deberming of the trail and the finished product with soil and leaf litter replaced.

For more information visit: http://www.imba.com/resources/trail_building/gradedips.html



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