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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

East Hampton Trails Preservation Society




July 2005


Quote of the month:

To be whole and harmonious, one

must know the music of the beaches and woods.

--Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Note: Most hikes will start at 9 A.M. during July and August.  

For more information about any of these scheduled hikes, call .

LTV channel 20 in East Hampton is showing the new video, “The East Hampton Trails Preservation Society/ The First 25 Years”, four times a week during June and July: Thursdays at 2:30 PM, Fridays at 6:30 PM, and Saturdays at 10 AM and 10PM.   If you’re in the EH area, don’t forget to tune in.

The next EHTPS meeting will be held on Monday, July 11, at 7:30 PM in Ashawagh Hall.

A WORD ABOUT TICKS   Ticks can be a concern at this time of year, but you can still enjoy hiking and minimize your exposure by taking a few precautions. Wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts and long pants; tuck your socks into your pants.  Spray with a good tick repellent.  For the ultimate in protection, you may want to investigate the special anti-tick clothing made under the label “Buzz-off” and offered by LL Bean.


July 2, Saturday, 9 A.M.                                     MILLER’S GROUND (4 miles)

Climb an East  Hampton “mountain” as we test ourselves against the terminal moraine. The late-blooming mountain laurels may still be in their glory. Meet on Wainscott Northwest Road (Daniel’s Hole Rd) just north of the airport.

Leader: Richard Lupoletti

July 6, Wednesday, 9 A.M.               CEDAR POINT TO GRACE ESTATE (4-5 miles)

We will enter Cedar Point Park on the Alewive Brook trail, hike to the bluff overlooking Gardiner's Bay, and return via the Grace Estate.  Meet by Northwest Harbor at the end of Alewive Brook Road. 

Leader: Nancy Kane 


July 9, Saturday,  9 A.M                      POINT WOODS TO MONEY POND (5 miles)

Join us for a fast- paced and exhilarating hike from Point Woods to Montauk lighthouse and back via the new Money Pond Trail. Meet at Camp Hero Rd. in Montauk: Turn south off  Rt 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch.

Leaders: Jeri Wellman and Nick Bryan  

July 9, Saturday  9 A.M.                                                   SURPRISE  BIKE RIDE 

The bike ride will begin at the Amagansett Farmers Market. We will bike to the Montauk lighthouse and back. Bring water and snacks. This ride was designed for experienced long-distance bikers. Call Jerry Brown and Lois Pelz at for further information. (We apologize for the incorrect phone number on the schedule.)

July 13, Wednesday, 9 A.M.                 THE OTHER PINE FOREST (4 miles)           

With a new connection between the Grace Estate and Grassy Hollow, hiking in the Northwest just keeps getting better.  Join us for a shady and easy trek past Joshua’s Hole with its majestic white pines. Meet at the intersection of Hands Creek Road and Van Scoy’s Path in East Hampton.  

Leader: Gene Makl 

July 16, Saturday, 9 A.M.                                     GHOST TOWN HIKE (4 miles)
Did you know that we have a ghost town in the middle of
East Hampton?  Join a local historian for a tour of the “town,” now abandoned to dogwoods, pines, and oak trees.
  Meet at the schoolhouse plaque on Old Northwest Rd, about 3/10 of a mile from the intersection with Alewive Brook Rd in EH.
Leader: Lee Dion

July 16, Saturday 2 P.M.  (Rain date Sunday same time)                KAYAK OUTING

A picturesque paddle from the shore of Northwest Harbor up tranquil Alewive Creek into Cedar Point Park and Alewive Pond.  Bring liquids, sunscreen, and a life preserver (if you are bringing your own kayak).  Meet at the end of Alewive Brook Rd. at the beach.  Kayak rentals are available from East Coast Adventure Company . 

Leaders: Steve and Laurie Tamber ; Lynn and Bob Kanter 


July 20, Wednesday, 9 A.M                                      GERARD DRIVE (2 plus miles)

A pleasant stroll along Gardiner’s Bay may be just the thing you long for on a summer morning. Here’s your chance to indulge.  Meet at the first causeway on Gerard Drive, off Springs Fireplace Rd.

Leader: Rose Marie DeSantis


July 20, Wednesday 8 P.M.              SUNSET–FULL MOON HIKE (2miles)

See a stunning sunset, then watch the moon rise above the amazing Walking Dunes. Bring a flashlight, insect repellent.  Meet at the end of Napeague Harbor Rd off Rte. 27 in Napeague.

Leader: Lee Dion


July  23, Saturday, 9 A.M.                                        WATERFENCE (5 miles)

This  vigorous hike, a favorite of this hike leader, takes us on the Serpent’s Back Trail and along the shore to the Waterfence overlooking Napeague Bay.  Meet at the Overlook Parking lot off Rt. 27, about 1 mile east of the Old Montauk Highway fork, in Montauk.  Leader : Ed Porco    

July 27, Wednesday morning                  MASHOMACK PARK HIKE AND LUNCH
Bring your cameras and binoculars for this beautiful, moderately paced hike on part of the famed 2100 acre preserve.  Following the hike we will drive to a local restaurant for a refreshing lunch. We’ll meet at the South Ferry dock to set up carpools. Call the leaders by Monday July 25 for meeting time and to reserve your place at lunch.
Steve and Laurie Tamber  329-320

July 30, Saturday 9 A.M.        BUCKSKILL/OLD MONTAUK HWY LOOP (4 miles)
Recent addition of a small section of new trail has given yet another access point to the basically flat Buckskill Preserve, a dense forest of oak and pitch pine. Meet on a short remaining stretch of Old Montauk Hwy just north of Rt 27, between Stephen Hands Path and the Getty Station.
Leader: Richard Lupoletti


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