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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

East Hampton Trails Preservation Society


The more you know every foot of a place,

the more power you have in defending it.

  ---Brent Martin, former executive director of

Chattahoocee National Forest, GA


This month we are celebrating our Adopt-a-Trail program with hikes led by members who have “adopted” a trail or a section of a trail as their own special path.  Adopters make routine visits to their trail to check the condition of the trail, pick up debris, and report any obstacles to the Maintenance Committee.  The month will be capped off with a Moveable Feast in honor of the participants and all those who protect and preserve our trails.

For further information call

Note:  If the weather on the day of hike is inclement and you are not sure the hike is on, we recommend that you call the hike leader before setting out.



APRIL 2005


April 2, Saturday  10 A.M.        NORTHWEST/PAUMANOK PATH (5-6 miles)

This section of the Paumanok Path includes a majestic white pine forest; it has been looked after with TLC for the past five years by Helen and Larry Kutash. Meet at the corner of Route 114 and Edward’s Hole Road in East Hampton. Leaders: Helen and Larry Kutash 


April 3, Sunday, Daylight Savings Time begins.  Spring ahead; set your clocks ahead one hour.                                      


April 6, Wednesday   10 A.M.                           AMAGANSETT STROLL  (4 miles)

Rosemarie De Santis and Audrey White are the caretakers of this stretch of the Paumanok Path, from Old Stone Hwy to Cranberry Hole Road. Meet at Cranberry Hole Rd and Cross Hwy in Amagansett.   

Leader: Audrey White 


April 9, Saturday  10 A. M.                   BUCKSKILL AIRPORT LOOP (4 miles)

Within sight or sound of some major infrastructure (airport, recreation complex, rifle range) you can still find beautiful tranquility on an easy (flat) trail in the western end of town.  Meet on Wainscott-Northwest Rd (Daniel’s Hole Rd) just north of the airport where the overhead power line crosses the road. Adopter and leader: Richard Lupoletti


April 13, Wednesday, 10 A.M.                                  NORTHWEST   LOOP  (3 miles)

This section of the Paumanok Path, adopted by Arlene and Gene Makl, encompasses the Jump Trail and Grassy Hollow.  Meet at Hands Creek Road and Van Scoy’s Path in East Hampton.  

Leader: Gene Makl 


April 16, Saturday  10 A.M.                              BARCELONA NECK (4- 4.5 miles)

Adopters Linda Keen and Jonathan  Brezin will escort us along the picturesque trail with its water views.  Meet on Old Swamp Rd off Route 114.

Call Linda and Jonathan for further information.  



Call Niki Lombardi at for reservations.


April 20, Wednesday 10 A.M.                                      POINT WOODS (3 miles)

One of the loveliest sections of the Paumanok Path leads through enchanting woods to the bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Ed Porco, who will lead this special hike, has adopted it.  Meet at Camp Hero Rd. in Montauk: Turn south off Route 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch.

Leader’s phone number:


April 22, Friday  EARTH DAY   If you know of a trail or any area that needs cleaning up, here’s a chance to do something about it.  Join in your community’s Earth Day program.


April  23,  Saturday 10  A.M.                                      FRESH POND (3 + miles)

The adopters of this section of the Paumanok Path will point out several historic sites along the scenic trail.  Meet at Fresh Pond parking lot at the end of Fresh Pond Road in Amagansett. 

Leaders:  Valerie King and David Jones 


April 27, Wednesday 10 A.M.                   RIGHT OF WAY TRAIL (4 miles)

This charming fern-lined trail was the last section of the East Hampton’s part of the Paumanok Path to be cut   Meet at Montauk Library Parking lot on the east side of town.

Adopter and leader: Eva Moore


April 30, Sat. 10 A.M. MAIDSTONE HIKE AND MOVEABLE FEAST (3 miles)

We’ll meet at the adopters’ home, 8 Waterhole Rd in East Hampton, and enjoy a vigorous hike along their neighborhood trail in the Maidstone area; then back to the house for coffee, bagels, and kudos for all who look after our trails. 

Leaders: Steve and Laurie Tamber 


The next EHTPS meeting will be held on Monday, April 4, at 7:30 PM in Ashawagh Hall.


LOOKING AHEAD: A preview showing of the new video, The East Hampton Trails Preservation Society, The First 25 Years will follow the membership meeting on May 2nd.  Mark your calendars!



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