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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

East Hampton Trails Preservation Society


We are thankful to our Mother, Earth,

for she gives us all that we need for life.

She supports our feet as we walk upon her.

It gives us joy that she continues to care for us

as she has from the beginning of time. To our

Mother, we send greetings and thanks.

From an Iroquois thanksgiving address


The next EHTPS meeting will be held on Monday, November 1, at 7:30 PM in Ashawagh Hall.

For more information about any of these hikes, call .


October 31, Sunday 10 A.M.  (EST)           PAUMANOK PATH PLUS--#4 (11 miles)

The route is an out-and-back along the PP from Three Mile Harbor to Stony Hill Woods, including a jaunt through the Jacob’s Farm Preserve.  Bring water and snacks for this moderately fast-paced hike.  Meet at the intersection of Springy Banks Rd and Soak Hides Road in EH.

Leader:  Rick Whalen


November 3, Wednesday   10 A.M               STONY HILL/AMAGANSETT (3 miles)                   

This hike uses portions of the new Paumanok Path addition plus two existing trails to create an occasionally hilly loop.  We should enjoy autumn colors and a distant water view. Meet on Red Dirt Road, about ¼ mile from the intersection with Accabonac Road. 

Leader: Nancy Kane 


November 6, Saturday 10 A.M.                      POINT WOODS LOOP (6 miles)

Join us for a fast- paced and exhilarating hike from Point Woods to Montauk lighthouse and back via the new Money Pond Trail. Meet at Camp Hero Rd. in Montauk: Turn south off Route 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch. Leaders:  Jeri Wellman and Nick Bryan  


November 7, Sunday 10 A.M.            PAUMANOK PATH PLUS-- #5  (10 miles)

This lengthy excursion highlights the lovely Jacob’s Farm loop and the beech woods of the Bell Estate, all the way to Fresh Pond and back. We’ll walk at a moderately fast pace; bring snacks and water. 

Leader: Rick Whalen    


November 10, Wed. 10 A.M.  SPRINGS HIKE & MOVEABLE FEAST (3 miles)

Enjoy a beach and road walk along Gerard Drive with views of both Gardiner’s Bay and Accabonac Harbor.  At the end of the hike we are invited to the home of our hike leader where warm goodies will await us. Meet at the first causeway on Gerard Drive, off Springs Fireplace Rd.

Leader: Ray Hartjen  


November 13, Saturday 10 A.M                    TWO PINE FORESTS (4.5 miles)   

This new hike in NW will take us through Wilson’s Grove to the new Joshua’s Hole Trail and a second majestic pine forest.  Meet at the intersection of Hands Creek Rd and Van Scoy’s Path West.

Leaders: Steve and Laurie Tamber


November 14, Sunday 10 A.M.           PAUMANOK PATH PLUS-- #6  (7 miles)

Starting at Fresh Pond, we’ll head out for the pitch pines and sand dunes of Napeague Beach. Two completely different kinds of terrain are featured on this moderately fast-paced hike. Meet at the parking lot at the end of Fresh Pond Road in Amagansett.

Leader: Rick Whalen


November 17, Wednesday 10 A.M                      EXERCISE HIKE  (3-4 miles)

We’ve ordered a fresh, crisp morning for an invigorating hike through a lush beech forest and past a working farm; we’re hoping the weatherman complies.   Meet on Abrahams Path in western Amagansett about 2/10 miles north of the intersection with Town Lane in East Hampton. 

Leader: Ethel Pulaski


November 20, Saturday 10 A.M            CRANBERRIES AND DUNES (3 miles)

We will learn about the beauty of the mysterious Walking Dunes area as we hike amongst the many cranberry plants. Wear boots and bring a container if you want to harvest berries for your Thanksgiving table. The pace will be moderate and the atmosphere mellow.  Meet at the end of Napeague Harbor Road off Route 27 in Napeague. 

Leader: Lee Dion


November 24, Wednesday 10 A.M.     NORTHWEST CONNECTION  (4 miles)      

Join us on a newly established route that connects the Grace Estate with Cedar Point Park.  With over 1,000 acres at our disposal, we will be able to enjoy wondrous views without the usual “crowds.”  Meet at the schoolhouse plaque on Northwest Road about 3/10 of a mile from the Alvewive Brook Road connection.  Leader: Gene Makl 


November 26, Friday 10 A.M.                                     WATERFENCE (5 miles)

This vigorous hike, a favorite of this hike leader, takes us on the Serpent’s Back Trail and along the shore to the Waterfence overlooking Napeague Bay; an ideal workout after Thanksgiving feasting.  Meet at the Overlook Parking lot off Rt. 27, about 1 mile east of the Old Montauk Highway fork, in Montauk. 

Leader: Ed Porco   


November 27, Saturday 10 A.M.                                LOST BOULDER (4 miles)

This scenic and somewhat hilly hike has spectacular views from Panorama including the famous “Lost Boulder.”  Meet at the Montauk Recycling Center on the north side of Rt. 27 about 2 miles west of downtown Montauk. 

Leader: Ed Porco


November 28, Sunday 10 A.M.       SOUTH FORK TRANSVERSE  (9-10 miles)

Join us for the first-ever traverse of the South Fork. We’ll cross the Ronkonkoma Moraine at Miller’s Ground, hiking “tidewater to tidewater” between the headwaters of Georgica Pond and the head of Northwest Creek. Be prepared for a moderately fast-paced hike with some bushwhacking.  Meet on the concrete-surfaced section of the Old Montauk Highway, on the north side of Route 27 in Wainscott.

Leader: Rick Whalen




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