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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!


East Hampton Trails Preservation Society

To cherish what remains of the Earth
and to foster its renewal is our
only legitimate hope for survival.

Wendell Berry

Please note the start of Daylight Savings Time on April 6 at 2 AM. For additional hike
information please call .  The next EHTPS meeting will be Monday April 7 at 7:30PM at Ashawaugh Hall.

April 2, Wednesday, 10AM: Point Woods (3-4 miles) 
Experience the spectacular bluffs overlooking the Atlantic along with the lush holly,

birch, beech and sycamore trees of Camp Hero on this beautiful trail.  Meet on Camp Hero Rd. in Montauk, south of Rt.27.

Leader: Eva Moore

April 5, Saturday, 10AM: Camp Hero Dual Hike (3 or 8 miles)
This 3 or 8 mile hike will start at Camp Hero continue to Turtle Cove, the Money Pond, the Seal Haulout and to Ogden Brook. The entire hike will be 8 miles but there will be a turn around at 3 miles.  Meet at Camp Hero Rd., right turn off Rt. 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch, in Montauk. 

Leader: Ed Porco

April 5, Saturday, 10AM: Grace Estate (4 miles)
Hike this combination of trails in the Northwest area of East Hampton.  Bring water for this moderately paced hike.  Meet at the Schoolhouse Plaque, on the east side of Northwest Rd. ¼ mile from Alewife Brook Rd. intersection.  
Leaders: Steve and Laurie Tamber

April 9, Wednesday, 10AM: Big Reed Pond (3-4 miles)
Enjoy many beautiful water views of Big Reed Pond, including a Registered Natural Landmark.  Meet at the parking area off Eastlake Drive, about 2 miles north of the intersection with Rt. 27 in Montauk.  

Leader: Marilyn MacKay

April 12, Saturday, 10AM: Stony Hill Trail (4 miles)
This hike will feature a beech forest, huge kettle holes, the largest gray birch tree in the Town of East Hampton and much more.  Meet in Amagansett on Fresh Pond Rd.,
1000 ft. beyond the intersection of Cross Hwy. to Devon.
Leader: Lee Dion

April 16,
Wednesday, 10AM: Lost Boulder (3-4 miles)
Enjoy spectacular views from Panorama then visit the famous Lost Boulder on a
3-4 mile loop.  Meet at the Montauk Recycling Center on the north side of Rt.27 about 2 miles west of downtown Montauk. 

Leader: Joan Porco

April 19, Saturday, 10AM: Northwest (3-4 miles)
Views of 4 different bodies of water in the Northwest are featured in this woodland/ shoreline walk through the Grace Estate and Cedar Point Park.  Meet at the schoolhouse plaque, on Northwest Rd. About 3/10 miles from the intersection with Alewife Brook Rd. in East Hampton.  

Leader: Gene Makl

April 23, Wednesday, 10AM: Grace Estate (3 miles)
A seldom hiked loop trail in the Grace Estate.  A 3-mile loop led by a member of the Grace Estate Management Committee.  The leader is sure you have not hiked this trail before.  Meet at the Schoolhouse Plaque on Old Northwest Rd. about 3/10 mile from the intersection with Alewife Brook Rd., in the Northwest.

Leader: Lee Dion

April 26, Saturday, 10AM: Buckskill Hardscrabble Loop (3 easy miles)
This relatively unappreciated loop trail offers many quiet delights for the careful observer who is willing to take time to "stop and smell the roses."  Meet at the intersection of Rt. 114 and Stephen Hands Path in East Hampton.  Please do not park in the vegetable stand parking lot. 

Leader: Richard Lupoletti

April 27, Sunday, 9AM: Over Hill & Dale (7 miles)
A fast paced ramble through the eastern reaches of Hither Woods, Montauk, including Ram Level, Block Island Sound and Laurel Canyon.  Bring liquids and snacks.  Meet at the Montauk Recycling Center on the north side of Rt. 27 about 2 miles west of downtown Montauk.

Leader: Rick Whalen

April 30, Wednesday, 10AM: Waterfence (5 miles)
This hike, a favorite of this hike leader, takes us on the Serpent's Back Trail and along the shore to the Waterfence overlooking Napeague Bay.  Meet at the Overlook parking lot off Rt.27, about 1 mile east of Montauk Highway and Old Montauk Highway split, in Montauk. 

Leader: Ed Porco

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