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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

East Hampton Trails Preservation Society

Although EHTPS is known for two hikes a week 52 weeks a year, during September we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary by highlighting some of our significant contributions.

We will return to our 10: 00 AM starting time this month.  For more information regarding hikes, please call .

The EHTPS is always at work on your behalf making it possible to have these wonderful trails available to all who wish to take advantage of them.  It takes time, effort, work and commitment to have the most beautiful trail system on the East End.  Your membership support is appreciated and necessary.  Happy 20th Anniversary to us all.

Saturday, September 2, 10:00 AM / Right of Way Trail (3 miles)

EHTPS persuaded the East Hampton Town Board not to build new tennis courts very near this trail with its long unspoiled view of natural foliage.  Meet at Third House in Theodore Roosevelt County Park in Montauk.

Leader: Richard Lupoletti

Sunday, September 3, 10:00 AM / Northwest Hike (4 miles)

This is the first greenbelt trail cut by EHTPS.  It is a contiguous trail designed by our hike leader.  He also negotiated with the landowner of a portion of the white pine forest to allow us right of way to hike in this very beautiful area.  Meet in East Hampton at the intersection of Old Northwest Road and Northwest Road.

Leader: Rick Whalen

Wednesday, September 6, 10:00 AM / George C. Miller Trail (4 miles)

EHTPS secured an easement to cross private property on this trail and created a spur to enable us to hike to Fresh Pond.  Meet at Fresh Pond parking lot on Fresh Pond Road in Amagansett.

Leader: Gene Makl

Saturday, September 9, 9:00 AM / Day in Springs (2 – 3 miles)

Each year EHTPS schedules a hike on “Day in Springs” to support, and help focus attention on, the need for land conservation in the Springs.  Meet at Merrill Lake Sanctuary on the eastern side of Springs Fireplace Road, just north of Talmage Farm Lane in East Hampton.

Leader: Nancy Kane

Sunday, September 10, 10:00 AM / Hike and Picnic (3 – 4 miles)

Each year EHTPS took on the task of replacing an impassible wooden bridge to enable hikers to cross Ogden Brook.  EHTPS organized the efforts of the Town, County and State to make this happen. This wonderful hike will start at Theodore Roosevelt County Park and proceed east, down corner gate, along Oyster Pond, across Ogden Brook Bridge and end at Camp Hero.  At the conclusion of this hike, we will picnic at Third House in Theodore Roosevelt County Park.  Drinks and watermelon will be provided, bring your own sandwiches.  Meet at Camp Hero Road a right turn off Route 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk.

Leader: Steve Peskin

Wednesday, September 13, 10:00 AM / Seal Haulout Trail (3 miles)

EHTPS designed and cut a new trail to allow easier and shorter access to the seal observation area.  Meet at Camp Hero Road a right turn off Route 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk.

Leader: Ken Bieger

Wednesday, September 13, 6:45 PM / Sunset Hike (1 – 2 miles)

EHTPS brings people together; other forces are in charge of the sunset.  Meet at the end of Napeague Harbor Road, just past the Art Barge off Route 27.

Leader: Lee Dion

Saturday, September 16, 10:00 AM / Grace Estate Hike (3 – 4 miles)

EHTPS’s first President who is today’s hike leader, was instrumental in acquiring and preserving over 500 acres in the Northwest area of East Hampton. This hike will delight all lovers of hardwood forests and shorelines. Meet at the School House Plaque on Northwest Road about 3/10 mile from the intersection with Alewife Brook Road.

Leader: Lee Dion

Sunday September 17, 10:00 AM / Nature Trail Hike (3 – 4 miles)

EHTPS worked with the County to re-establish the nature stations and simplify the trail’s system with new trail markings. Visit two interesting sites of former Montaukett Indian presence in stunning woodland.  Enjoy many beautiful water views of Big Reed Pond, including a spot lovely enough to be a “Registered Natural Landmark.”  Meet in the parking lot off East Lake Drive in Montauk, approximately 2 miles north of the intersection with Route 27.

Leader: Richard Lupoletti

Wednesday, September 20, 10:00 AM / Point Woods Hike (3 – 4 miles)

EHTPS constructed several footbridges across wet areas to make it possible for us to hike this beautiful and popular trail.  Experience the spectacular bluffs overlooking the Atlantic, the lush holly, birch, beech and sycamore of Camp Hero on this beautiful trail.  Meet at Camp Hero Road a right turn off Route 27, about a mile east of Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk.

Leader: Ed Porco

Saturday, September 23, 10:00 AM / Lower Northwest Hike (3 – 4 miles)

EHTPS recently completed construction of a footbridge, 150 feet long across Tanbark Creek.  It is truly an engineering marvel and will be part of this hike.  The Town of East Hampton has provided funding to offset the cost of the construction.  Meet at the intersection of Northwest Road and Timber Lane in East Hampton.

Leader: Gene Makl

Wednesday, September 27, 10:00 AM / Napeague Hike (3 – 4 miles)

EHTPS built two unique footbridges to enable the Paumanok Path to continue through Napeague.  Meet at the Lilco Power Station on Napeague Meadow Road, north of Route 27 and south of Cranberry Hole Road in Montauk.

Leader: Gene Makl

Saturday, September 30, 10:00 AM / Montauk Landfill Panorama Hike (3 – 4 miles)

In August of this year EHTPS, working with the Town of East Hampton, was able to preserve the panoramic view and improve the trailhead parking area on this section of the Paumanok Path.  Meet at the Montauk Recycling Center on the north side of Route 27 about two miles west of Montauk Center.

Leader: Ed Porco



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