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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

Parking Along the Paumanok Path

From Trail Head in Rocky Point to Trail End at Montauk Point

The land managers, municipalities and the Department of Transportation have not approved this list.  The only warrantee that I give you with this list is the fact that I have never been ticketed or my car vandalized in these places.  I wanted to get these parking areas approved before I put them on the web; it turned out to be a much larger challenge than I originally comprehended.  But a trail is not a trail if you can’t access it.  Besides that, somebody whos judgement I really respect suggested that I “just put it on the website.”

If you care about the Paumanok Path initiative you can work with the appropriate municipality or agency to start formalizing parking areas along The Path.  Choose the most appropriate places first and work with your local trails group to get permission and assistance for designated parking, signs and kiosks.

The Paumanok Path is marked by white rectangular blazes.  Turns are marked with two blazes the top one is offset in the direction of the turn.  Where other trails share the Paumanok Path you may see other blazes along the trail.  In addition to the white rectangles you may see other colored rectangles or plastic blazes. Yellow blazes normally indicate an access trail to the Paumanok Path, blue normally means the trail is a loop.

Visit the Central Pine Barrens Commission for a wealth of information and links

DEC permits are required when on DEC property http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/reg1/index.html. DEC Region 1 – State Land three-year Seasonal Access Permit APPLICATION - 3-year form for hiking. There is no charge for it. For information telephone or .

If you can’t find the permit on the DEC website, look for the DEC logo on www.hike-li.com home page and click on it.

When visiting a Nature Conservancy Preserve, it is always a good idea to call first: The Nature Conservancy, L. I. Http://www.tnc.org/longisland or The Nature Conservancy, South Fork-Shelter Island Chapter Http://www.tnc.org/southfork. You may also want to ask about their events and hikes.

There is no charge for hiking in Suffolk County Parks . However, hikers must carry a valid Suffolk County parks green key card while on Suffolk County parkland. For information call .

Hikers are required to stay on marked trails only. Plant or animal life may not be disturbed. It is recommended that hikers wear light-colored clothing and check frequently for ticks.

Guided trail outings are offered throughout the year by the following


The Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference ()
Long Island State Parks Commission ()
Southampton Trails Preservation Society (),
East Hampton Trails Preservation Society ()
Group for the South Fork (),

1. Trailhead: Route 25A east of North Country Road, west of Rocky Point Road (CR. 21), Rocky Point.  South side of 25A, a recessed DEC parking lot, directly opposite Burger King.  There is an island between east and west traffic here.  The island hides the entrance to westbound traffic.  Be alert it is easy to miss from either direction.

2. Rocky Point Road (C.R. 21) a quarter mile north of Whiskey Road DEC parking lots 14 & 3, Rocky Point.  Paumanok Path crosses Rocky Point Road ½ mile north of Whiskey Rd.

3. Whiskey Road 1 mile east of Rocky Point Road (C.R. 21), DEC parking lot # 18, Rocky Point. 

Directions: Take Middle Country Road, in Middle Island, to C.R. 21 (Yaphank Middle Island Rd. / Rocky Point Rd.).  This intersection is located ½ mile west of Artist Lake.  On C.R. 21 travel 3 miles north to Whiskey Road.  Turn right (east), travel 1 mile looking for DEC parking lot on your left (north side of Whiskey Road, it is an 8 car unpaved lot).  Note brown and yellow sign: “Rocky Point Natural Resource Management Area, State of New York DEC. It is roughly a half-mile west of Wading River Hollow Road.

4. Randall Road 1 mile north of Middle Country Road, in Ridge.

Limited parking on the road shoulder, east side.

5. Pine Trail Preserve parking lot: South side of Middle Country Road (Route 25), Ridge.

Middle Country Road, 6/10 of a mile east of William Floyd Parkway (Route 46).

6. Schultz Road in SW Riverhead: Take Exit 69 two miles north from the Long Island Expressway, onto Wading River Road which changes eventually into Wading River-Schultz Road and finally into Schultz Road without making a turn. Just beyond the railroad crossing, this road intersects North Street; continue on Shultz Road for eight-tenths of a mile, passing the Sportsman’s Kennels on the left. A designated parking area on the left (west side) is reserved for anglers, but there is ample room to park on the road shoulder.  The Path is a sort distance north of here.

7. Schultz Road in SW Riverhead: travelling east on Middle Country Road, pass Wading River Hollow Road, William Floyd Parkway, and the Pine Trail Preserve Parking area.  Continue east.  Pass Lake Panamoka Plaza.  As you approach the next traffic light note a Wildwood Park sign on the right, the fenced in W.E.S. trailer sales of Wading River on the left and then a Wading River / Manorville sign near the turn.  Head south (right) towards Manorville on Wading River Manor Road.   Where Wading River Manor Road veers off to the left continue straight onto Shultz Road (2.4 miles total from C.R. 25)

This parking area is where the Paumanok Path crosses Shultz Road.   There is ample parking on the west shoulder immediately north of “The Path”.

8. Line Road and River Road SW Riverhead: Take Middle Country Rd. (Rte. 25) approximately 3 miles east of the William Floyd Parkway (Rte. 46) and a mile east of The Pine Trail Nature Preserve parking lot, at traffic light make a right turn onto Wading River Road.  Travel south for less than a mile then bear left onto Grumman Blvd.  Continue in an easterly direction for one mile, and then make a right turn onto Line Road.  After a little more than 1 mile just before you reach Wading River Manor Road you will find a long stretch of level shoulder to park on, therefore I suggest parking here.  (Near the rear entrance to TNC Calverton Ponds)

Walk south on Line Road turn left onto Wading River Manor Road heading east.  Continue past River Road, which you will see on the left.  This is where the Paumanok Path cuts across Wading River Manor Rd. 

9. On the east side of River Road where it intersects with Wading River Manor Road there may also be some legal parking.  On the right side of the road, not far from the Wading River Manor Road sign you will find the entrance to the Paumanok Path heading west.  If you continue over the bridge, which runs across the Headwaters of the Peconic River, you will find the entrance to The Path heading in an easterly direction.  It is best to cross over to the east side of the road (in this case the left) because it will be easier to see the white rectangular blazes that mark the route of the Paumanok Path as it continues eastward. 

10. Manorville Trail Center:  LIE to exit 70.  On your right, 200 yards northwest on C.R. 111.

To get to the Paumanok Path, walk to the back of the Trail Center where you will find El’s blue loop.  Follow the blue loop to the yellow access trail.  In all it is a half mile from Trail Center to Mill Road.  The Paumanok Path uses Mill Road to cross over a marsh.  Coming out of the woods, you will be facing the north side of Mill Road.  To the left, the Paumanok Path heads west towards Robert Cushman Murphy Park.  To the right, the trail continues east to Manorville Hills.  Need a sign here.

11. Halsey Manor Road one mile north of C.R. 111 south of the LIE, in Manorville. 

There is ample parking on the east-side shoulder of the road.  From the LIE Exit 70 travel east on CR. 111.  Turn left; travel 1 mile north on Halsey Manor Rd.

From Sunrise Highway, take exit 62 (County Road 111) heading towards the L. I. Expressway. Before reaching the LIE turn right onto Halsey Manor Road. Approaching the bridge that goes over the LIE, look for a large meadow on the right and park on the shoulder there. Follow the wire fence to the woods on the far side of the meadow.

12. Toppings Path in Manorville: A VERY rough dirt road unless you have a recreation vehicle I don’t suggest you use this road.  It is the only access to the PP for several miles in either direction.

Take CR. 111 to Hot Water Street 1.8 miles to Toppings Path.  Turn left, continue 0.4 miles north.

13. Near the Manorville, Riverhead border in Hampton Hills: On C.R. 51 (Moriches Riverhead Rd.) Old Moriches Riverhead Rd. intersects C.R. 51 in two places on the south side of the road.  There are turn-arounds in both places.  The “Bald Hill” parking area is on the north side of C.R. 51 opposite Old Moriches Riverhead Rd. approximately a half mile south of the intersection with Speonk-Riverhead Rd. (the turnoff to Suffolk County Community College). Look for a roadside sign green with the white silhouette of a hiker, several hundred feet before the trailhead.

Follow the blue blazed loop trail north from parking area a short distance to the Paumanok Path. 

14. Parking lot closest to the Suffolk County Community College entrance in Riverhead; Parking Field #1

From Sunrise Hwy. exit 61 travel north on C.R. 51 (Moriches Riverhead Rd.).  Turn right onto Speonk-Riverhead Rd. (marked by a sign for Suffolk County Community College) turn right into the campus.  Make the first left, and then the first right into Parking Field #1.  Continue northwest to the kiosk. 

From the Riverhead traffic circle take C.R. 63 to C.R. 51 travel south to Speonk-Riverhead Road.  Turn left into the SCCC campus.

If you look carefully, you will see the beginning of the access trail behind and to the right of the kiosk. Follow the yellow blazed trail to the Paumanok Path.  Note triple yellow blaze indicating the end of the access trail when you reach the Paumanok Path.  If you turn right you will travel in an easterly direction, through the Sarnoff State Preserve on your way to the DEC parking lot. 

If you wish to walk west and visit Bald Hill, turn left at the access trail junction and follow the Paumanok Path (across C.R. 51) to Peconic Hills County Park.

15. C.R. 51 by power lines In Riverhead.  Traveling north on Route 51 pass Speonk Riverhead Rd. then travel a little more than a half mile.  On the south side where the power lines cross over the road you will find a dirt parking lot abutting a guardrail.  It is a mile hike south, on a yellow access trail, to the Paumanok Path.

16. C.R. 104 DEC parking lot David Sarnoff Preserve in Riverhead.  Dirt parking lot is on the west side of C.R. 104 midway between where the road intersects with C.R. 105 to the north and C.R. 31 to the south.

From the Riverhead circle take C.R. 104 south approximately 2 miles.

From Sunrise Highway heading east, take Exit 63 (C.R. 31 North) to C.R. 104 North.

17. Pleasure Drive in Flanders: travel south from the C.R. 104 DEC parking lot.  Just before you reach Sunrise Hwy. turn left onto Pleasure Dr. after 100 yards the road expands into a parking area with a guardrail. 

From Sunrise Highway take Exit 64, C.R. 104 North; make an immediate right onto Pleasure Drive.

18. Spinny Road North in Flanders: Flanders Road (Route 24), on the south side just east of Birch Creek.  Ample, level dirt parking lot with kiosk.  Follow yellow access trail south to the Paumanok Path.  Facing the parking area from Route 24 the opening to the trail is on the right (west) side of the Spinny Road parking area, near the kiosk. The road is closed off with a fence 50 yards south of the Flanders Road intersection, so park anywhere along Spinny Road's west side.

19. Pleasure Drive, Flanders: driving west on Flanders Road and, just past the Flanders Presbyterian Church, take a left onto Pleasure Drive. Drive south on Pleasure Drive until the road takes sharp curve to the right (immediately after crossing power lines), and turn left into a small parking area with guardrail. Be careful not to block driveway.

From Sunrise Highway exit 64 N.  Immediate right from 104 North onto Pleasure Drive – 100 yards to parking area.

20. Route 24 NYS Public Parking, in Hampton Bays (Rest Areas, both sides of road)

The Paumanok Path crosses Route 24 just south of Red Creek Road.  It is a couple hundred yards from the public parking areas on either side of Route 24 to this crossover point. The parking areas are a short distance north of Red Creek Road. The Paumanok Path generally runs east – west, but at this point it connects two parks located north and south of each other.  A walk to the south (right) will take you to the blue blazed loop trail that visits both Sears and Bellows ponds.  A walk to the north will take you to Hubbard Creek and Red Creek Park’s Penny Pond. Make a left onto Red Creek Road and in a very short distance, you will see a gate with a Suffolk Parks sign on the left side of the road, this is where the trail heads northeast to Hubbard Creek.  This is also a good place to pick up the Southampton Trails “Black Owl Loop.”

21. From Sunrise Highway (Route 27), take Exit 65 North onto Route 24. Drive two miles, passing the “Big Duck” on the left, and turn right onto Red Creek Road. The entrance to Hubbard Creek County Park is the first road (unpaved) on the left, approximately 150 yards from Route 24. Drive through the gate and up to the parking area if you will finish hiking before 4 p.m.; if not, park near the gate and begin your hike from there.

22. Red Creek Park off Jackson Ave in Hampton Bays: From Sunrise Highway “Exit 65N, 24 North, Riverhead”.  Travel north on C.R. 24 a couple hundred yards.  You will see several signs before you bear right onto the turn lane for Old Riverhead Road West.  There is NO Town Park sign here, the signs to look for are: “State Police”, “Town of Southampton Jackson Ave. Offices”, and “Town Police”.  Turn right onto Old Riverhead Road, pass the entrance to Southampton Town Police, make the next left into the park.  Where you turn into the park there is a small blue and white sign: “Town of Southampton Red Creek Park”.  Once on the road into the park, continue past the picnic areas and enter the parking field to the right of the flagpole.  Park by the small brown and yellow Southampton Town Trails sign between a basketball court and a baseball diamond.  Two hundred feet north along a fence is where the trail begins.  There are square yellow STPS “Owl Blazes” to mark the access trail to the Paumanok Path (about ½ mile north).  There are Pay Phones and Restrooms near the parking area.

This parking area is hard to find now, but in the near future we hope to construct a kiosk at the trailhead.

23. Old Squires Road in Hampton Bays, where it intersects with Red Creek Road is now part of the Paumanok Path.  The trail cuts into the woods approx. ¼ mile in (east) from Red Creek Road.  Southampton Trails Preservation Society is considering a reroute bringing the trail across Old Squires Road approx. ¼ mile in from the intersection and running parallel to Old Squires Road.  You can park on the shoulders of the road as long as you do not block the entrance to the other trails. Be alert until recently there were two other white trails in the area. 

24. From this point on, the Path travels along Newtown Road until it reaches Montauk Highway just before it crosses the Canal.  Holzman Drive will take you down to Canal Road West where people normally park their cars and fish in the canal.  Is it legal for hikers to park here?

The gaps in the path are closing.  The following parts of the trail can all be walked.  Some portions will be refined or changed in the near future.

25. Shinnecock Hills Preserve, The Nature Conservancy: South Fork () is working with the Group for the South Fork and Southampton Trails Preservation Society to determine how The Paumanok Path can best travel through the Shinnecock Hills Preserve.  The Preserve is located southwest of Southampton College just west of Tuckahoe Rd. Head north on St Andrews Rd. W. ½ mile to a small parking area on the left.

26. Tuckahoe Hill: During the weekend, you can park in the parking lot on the corner of North Magee Street and Sebonac Road.  Spectacular view, over Cow Neck, of the Peconic Bay and Robins Island.

Directions: Montauk Hwy. to light at N. Magee St. (east of Southampton College), Travel north ¼ mile to parking lot on corner of N. Magee and Sebonac Rd. at Tuckahoe School in Southampton.
Suggest only using school parking lot off-hours & weekends.  Across Sebonac Road there is a network of trails.  It is still uncertain how The Path will run through here. This is a nice place to wander around and explore. A significant feature of this parcel of land is that the hiker will encounter a fresh water wetland enjoyed by a large variety of birds.  There is a break in the trail here.

27. Big Woods in North Sea.  Head north on Magee Street. Pass Tuckahoe School on your right. Cross over Sebonac Road, continue on North Magee Street until you reach a five–way intersection. Make a right turn onto Millstone Brook Road. After you travel a short distance, you will find on the left side of the road, the Nature Conservancy’s Marguerite Crabbe Greef Wildlife Sanctuary at Big Woods. There is a small parking area at the entrance.  It is through this parking lot that the Paumanok Path continues its journey eastward.  You can park on the other side of the road (not in front of private property, please) or further down the road. The South Fork Nature Conservancy appreciates when you call before you visit

28. The intersection of Millstone Brook Road and Scott Road form a triangle island where you can park.

A six-mile section of the Paumanok Path from Sebonac Creek to Great Hill Road was complete.  The trail has been disrupted along the Landfill in preparation for the Recreation Center. There is a break in the trail here before you reach Great Hill Road.

29. Elliston Park (Southampton resident parking only): From C.R. 39 near Southampton Village, turn north onto North Sea Rd. Travel 2 miles and look for a wooden sign that reads "Elliston Park" and marks the left turn onto Millstone Brook Rd. The park entrance is 1/4 mile ahead on the left.  A short distance south of the parking lot you will find The Path running parallel to the northern border of Big Fresh Pond.

30. North Sea Highway Department limited road shoulder parking.  Heading east on Montauk Hwy. bear left onto the North Sea Rd.  Pass Big Fresh Pond and Mary’s Lane.  It is on the right side of the road.  Use the wide shoulders on North Sea Road near the entrance to the Hwy. Dept.

31. Majors Path, 150 yards west of the entrance to the North Sea landfill/transfer station. Traveling east on Montauk Highway (Route 27), turn left onto North Sea Road and take the first right fork onto Majors Path. Take Majors Path for approximately two miles, passing its intersection with Straight Path, then look for where the trail (marked with white rectangular blazes) crosses the road a quarter mile beyond this intersection.

32. Great Hill Road in North Sea: Traveling east on Montauk Highway (Route 27), turn left onto North Sea Road and take the first right fork onto Majors Path. Follow the signs for the North Sea Landfill on Majors Path. take the first right after the landfill entrance, which is Great Hill Road. Drive one-half mile up Great Hill Road near a radio tower.  Look for two mailboxes, side by side, marked “508” and “504,” and “Great View.” Park on the road shoulder across the road from the mailboxes near the trail entrance.  The Paumanok Path has a large gap here; the trail starts again in Noyac.  There is some recently preserved land in Roses Grove that will get the path traveling northeast into the woods.  This will take the trail off the road for a mile.

33. Laurel Valley County Park in Noyack: There is a kiosk on Deerfield Rd. opposite the entrance to North Side Hills (Deerwood Path).  It is 6/10 mile south of Noyac Rd.  There is room for several cars to park on the shoulder of the road.

34. Wildwood Road.  Off Noyac Road on the opposite side and east of Morton National Wildlife Preserve is Wildwood Road. 

 Follow this road all the way south to its end.  Follow the yellow owl blazes to the Paumanok Path in Laurel Valley County Park.

If you follow the white Paumanok Path blazes through the County Park to Middle Line Hwy. (asphalt here) you can head left (east), across Millstone Road. Here Middle Line Hwy. becomes a dirt road then a trail.  Pass the sand mine on your left. Continue east on Middle Line Highway.  This highway is a boundary road running across Brick Kiln Road all the way to the Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike.  In the near future the trail will loop north around the perimeter of Golf on the Bridge before reaching Brick Kiln Road.  Near Brick Kiln Road, Middle Line is blocked by gates.  These gates block access to a public road so walk around them and stay as close to the trail as possible here.  Recently we have also begun to investigate the possibility of running the path south of Middle Line Hwy.

35. Brick Kiln Road in Bridgehampton: You can follow the Paumanok Path all the way to Montauk Point from here.

From the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike, turn left at the traffic light near Mashashimuet Park onto Brick Kiln Road. Continue on Brick Kiln Road past its intersection with Stony Hill Road, where it makes a sharp turn to the left (south). Look for the mailbox numbered 770, which marks the entrance to Middle Line Highway.

From the west, take Noyack Road to Stony Hill Rd. Park where Brick Kiln Rd. bends at the intersection with Stony Hill Road. The entrance to the trail is 200 feet south of the intersection, on Brick Kiln Road.  If you head east on the path from here you will follow Middle Line Highway over the Bridgehampton Sagg Harbor Turnpike and enter the Long Pond Greenbelt. 

36. Sagg Industries parking lot in Bridgehampton.  Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike, south of Mashashimuet Park, between Clay Pit Road a 100 yards south of Carroll Street. Facing the white Telephone Company building.

The Paumanok Path runs along the northern edge of Sag Industries parking lot.  If you are facing northward, you will find that, to your right is the Long Pond Greenbelt.  To your left, the trail crosses Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike, runs part way up a gravel driveway and cuts into the woods on its way west to Laurel Valley.

37. Mahashimuet Park: The northern end of the Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor Turnpike in Sag Harbor at the intersection with Jermain Ave.  Heading north it is a hairpin right turn through a white brick entrance.  From parking lot travel south to the right of the runner’s track along the dusty, wide old railroad ROW (tracks pulled up) to the Paumanok Path.

38. Round Pond Lane in Sag Harbor, Long Pond Greenbelt: Traveling east on Montauk Hwy, just east of the town of Bridgehampton head north (left) on Sagg Rd.  Just short of the town turn left onto Round Pond Lane follow it to the end.  Since the wooden RR bridge on Sagg Road burned, you can use Wainscott Harbor Rd. to Merchants Path, to access Sagg Rd. north of the bridge.  Take the trail southeast to the Paumanok Path.

39. Sagg Road and Widow Gavitts Road in Sag Harbor.  Since the wooden RR bridge on Sagg Road burned, you can use Wainscott Harbor Rd. to Merchants Path, to access Sagg Rd. north of the bridge.  Parking is on the road shoulder SE of Widow Gavitts Road.


40. When you leave the Long Pond Greenbelt, there is a half-mile road walk. Make a left onto Widow Gavitts Road and a right onto Sagg Road. You will find the continuation of the trail on the left side of the road not far from the corner.  There is room for several cars to park on the road shoulder where the PP continues east here.  Cross over Old Sagg Harbor Road (Route 114) to the parking area at Edwards Hole Road in East Hampton.

41. Town Line Road in Sag Harbor: From Montauk Highway, turn north onto Sagg Road heading into Sag Harbor. Just before entering the village limits, turn right onto Mount Misery Drive. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Denise Street, following it as it climbs and winds around Mount Misery until the intersection with Town Line Road, and park there. Although you can drive south along Town Line Road, there isn't much of a shoulder to park on and turning around can be difficult.

42. Wainscott Harbor Road and Merchants Path: Follow Montauk Highway to the extreme eastern edge of Southampton, immediately past the Poxabogue Golf Course turn left and travel north to the corner of Merchants Path.  Park on the shoulder.  Follow trails north to the PP.

43. Wainscott NW Rd. (Daniel’s Hole Rd.) in East Hampton, just north of the East Hampton Airport.  Park on the road shoulder north of where the power lines cross over Wainscott NW Rd.  Follow the Switchback Trail westward to the Paumanok Path.

44. North of the power lines on Wainscott NW Rd. past Ridge Road and before Knoll Lane.  This is where the PP passes over Wainscott NW Rd. 

45. Route 114 and Edwards Hole Road in Wainscott. Head north on Stephen Hands Path, veer left onto Buckskill Road, to Route 114.  Follow Route 114 north; approximately one mile after passing Whooping Hollow Lane find the dirt entrance to Edwards Hole Road on your right.  Don’t block the road.

If you face across Route 114 from the parking area to see where the Paumanok Path runs west towards the Long Pond Greenbelt.

46. Chatfield’s Hole in East Hampton: Heading north on the East Hampton Sag Harbor Turnpike (Route 114), turn right onto Swamp Road and travel approximately one mile to Two Holes of Water Road. Turn right; continue for 0.25 mile and park on the left shoulder along side a pond called Chatfield’s Hole.

47. Intersection of Old Northwest Rd. and Northwest Rd. in the Northwest area of East Hampton: On Montauk Highway heading east you will see the Wainscott town sign.  Pass Daniels Hole Road (this is the road for the East Hampton Airport.)  Take the next left turn (North) Stephen Hands Path.  Bear left onto Old Northwest Road.  Stay on Old NW RD until you reach Northwest Road.

48. School House Plaque on Northwest Rd in East Hampton's Northwest: On Montauk Highway heading east you will see the Wainscott town sign.  Pass Daniels Hole Road (this is the road for the East Hampton Airport.)  Take the next left turn (North) Stephen Hands Path.  Bear left onto Old Northwest Road.  Stay on Old NW RD until you reach Northwest Road.  Make a right onto Northwest Road. Park by the School House Plaque on Northwest Rd, about 3/10 mile from the intersection with Alewive Brook Rd.

49. Intersection with Hands Creek Road and Van Scoy West, in the Northwest: NY-27/Montauk Highway through Wainscott past the east Hampton Airport.  Turn Left onto Stephen Hands Path follow it to the end; approx. 2 miles to the intersection with Hands Creek Road.  Turn left and Van Scoy W. will be the second street on your right.

50. Springy Banks Road and Soak Hides Road: Traveling east on Route 27, pass Stephen Hands Road, continue past the light and hard left, pass Hook Pond on your right and C.R. 114. Immediately before the windmill in the Village of East Hampton take the left onto N. Main Street. Take N. Main Street to the Springs Fireplace / Three Mile Harbor Road fork in the road, bear left onto Three Mile Harbor Road. Continue on Three Mile Harbor Road approx. 1½ miles. Bear left onto Springy Banks Road, then after a short distance you will find Soak Hides Road just under the southern tip of the harbor.

51. Three Mile Harbor Road and Karlsruhe Cross Highway: From Montauk Highway in East Hampton Village, turn north onto North Main Street, through the traffic light at Cedar Street, and take the left fork where North Main turns into Three Mile Harbor Road. Continue north for 1.5 miles and look for a marina/boat basin on your left; turn left onto Boatyard Road and park. Town restroom facilities are nearby, and the trail begins at the intersection of Three Mile Harbor Road and Karlsruhe Cross Highway, just a short walk south of the marina. Also, the end of Gardiner's Cove Rd. (don't block driveways), a dead end street on the west side of Three Mile Harbor Rd. 1/4 mile north of Springy Banks Rd.

52. Shoulder of Old Accabonac Road opposite Stony Hill Road. This is in the Springs area in East Hampton.

NY-27/Montauk Hwy. Pass windmill then turn left onto Egypt Lane, then a quick right onto Old Accabonac Road.   Approx. 2 miles cross over Abrahams Path then park on the shoulder of onto Old Accabonac Road, opposite Stony Hill Road.

53. Fresh Pond Parking lot at the end of Fresh Pond Road in Amagansett. NY-27/Montauk Hwy. becomes NY-27/Main St. Approx. 4 miles. Turn slight left onto Abrams Landing Rd. by the Amagansett Train Station.  Just east of the South Fork Country Club turn left onto Fresh Pond Road; follow to end.

54. Cranberry Hole Rd. in Amagansett

Meet at the intersection of Cranberry Hole Road and Cross Highway, just north of the bridge over the LIRR tracks.  A mile east of the Amagansett Train Station.

55. Lilco Power Station on Napeague Meadow Road, north of Route 27 and south of Cranberry Hole Road in Montauk.

56. Napeague Harbor Road: Traveling eastbound on Montauk Highway (Route 27) east of Napeague State Park just past the Art Barge off Route 27, turn left (north) onto Napeague Harbor Road.   The last left turn before the fork for Old Montauk Highway, directly across from the Sea Crest Condominiums and just past "Sharkey's" and the "Hither Hills Racquet Club".   Follow Napeague Harbor Road across the train tracks and past the first road on the left. Park on the shoulder and look for the white rectangular trail blaze on a utility pole on the right. This marks the trail entrance.


57. Hither Hills Overlook Parking lot in Montauk off Route 27.  The Overlook is on the north side of the road, about one mile east of Montauk Parkway and Old Montauk Highway split.  It is a large paved lot with two kiosks that usually have free trails maps.

58. Montauk Recycling Center on the north side of Rt. 27: Take Montauk Highway (Route 27) to the Montauk Recycling Center, two miles east of the Hither Hills overlook and one mile west of Montauk Village. Park on the left side of the recycling center entrance road. The trail begins on the right side of this road, directly across from the parking area. This trail is not part of the Paumanok Path; therefore, it is not marked with the white rectangular blaze. However, it is very easy to follow, and within two-tenths of a mile, it intersects with the marked Paumanok Path.

59. Town parking lot across from Kirk Park Beach parking lot, south side of Montauk Parkway at the western edge of downtown Montauk. No parking permit is required for Kirk Park during the winter. It is fee parking during the season, but open the rest of the year.

60. The old Navy Base at Fort Pond Bay in Montauk.  Coming from the west, 3 miles past Hither Hills Overlook, make a left onto Second House Road and follow it for one mile. Where the road curves continue

travelling straight onto Navy Road. Cross over railroad tracks, take the next left and follow this road to its end.

61. Edgemere Street, in Montauk near the ballfields.  There is public parking here, not restricted to Town residents.  A short distance north of Montauk Hwy on the east end of Town.

62. South Fox Street in Montauk, on the north side of Montauk Highway a short distance west of Shadmoor.  Park on the road’s shoulder adjacent to where the Paumanok Path “Parkway Trail” crosses over So. Fox Street

63. Shadmoor State Preserve is 0.7 miles east of the Montauk Village Green on the south side of Route 27.  A large sign at a cleared area that will one day be a designated parking area identifies the entrance.  The Parkway Trail part of the Paumanok Path is directly across the highway.  I never parked here, because it is along Montauk Hwy. And you are not allowed to park along the Highway.  I would suggest waiting until it becomes a designated parking area before you use it.

64. South Lake Drive in Montauk, immediately west of East Lake Drive; The Path crosses South Lake Drive just north of  the parkway.

65. East Lake Drive in Montauk 3/10 mile west of Third House, a short distance north of Route 27.  Road shoulder parking.

66. Third House in Theodore Roosevelt (a.k.a. Montauk) County Park, located on the north side of Montauk Highway (Route 27), approx. 4 miles east of Montauk Village. The park entrance is the second paved road on left, 3/10 mile east of East Lake Drive.  The Paumanok Path is directly north from the parking lot

67. Oyster Pond Overlook in Montauk is on the south side of the parkway; it is a large paved lot, a half-mile east of Third House.  Follow trail from east side of lot, east along the parkway.  Trail crosses over the parkway and meets up with the Paumanok Path.

68. Camp Hero Road in Montauk, the last public road off Route 27 before reaching the Montauk Lighthouse. Take Montauk Highway (Route 27) east through Montauk Village, past Theodore Roosevelt County Park, Deep Hollow Ranch, and Oyster Pond overlook (on right). The first right after the overlook is Camp Hero Road (1.5 miles east of the entrance to T. Roosevelt County Park). The trail begins on the right side of Camp Hero Road, 100 yards south of the intersection with Route 27.  State Parks put up a Point Woods trail sign and blazed the short distance to the Paumanok Path.  Park on the road shoulder.  Just opposite Camp Hero Road the entrance to the Seal Haulout Trail and the Paumanok Path looks like a sanctioned parking area, but NYS doesn’t want you parking there.  Park across the Hwy. on Camp Hero Road

69. Montauk State Park Lighthouse parking lot.   At the eastern end of Route 27.  To access the Paumanok Path walk down the cement stairway along the side of the snack bar, travel west along the beach, to the rocks around the Lighthouse (Note: $5 parking fee at the State parking lot)

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