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LONG ISLAND SAFE TRAILS COALITION                                                       

Minutes of meeting on 31 October 2002

Present: Jody Grindrod, Dai Dayton, Barbara Bornstein, Diane Rulnick, Gene Makl, Ken Kindler, Ed Porco

Meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM. Minutes of previous meeting were adopted as read.

It was agreed that the coalition is made up of member organizations and not individuals. Such individuals are representatives of these organizations. The structure of the coalition will remain loose with little need for the usual bureaucratic structure found in other organizations. We will remain non-profit, but not tax-exempt.

Archives will be kept at the offices of the Group for the South Fork, where the coalition holds its meetings.

Minutes will be sent to the representatives of the member groups as well as to liaison organizations; such as the Peconic Land Trust and the Towns of East Hampton and Southampton.

The brochure being worked upon by Gene Makl and Richard LupolettI is entering its final draft. The draft will be e-mailed to each member group. Once approved, finalized, and printed, each member organization will take on the responsibility of mailing the brochure to its membership.

With reference to the wallet-sized cards that hold the same information as the brochure, each member group is to indicate the amount of cards needed. The printing will then be done at one time at one place to save on costs. Gene Makl will price the cards.

Ken reported that he is working with Steve Smith of LIPA on blocking access to the LIPA Right 0f Way by ORVs. This effort will be made with input from the Law Enforcement Council.

Ken is working on LISTC’s presentation to the town boards. There was a discussion on speeding the process up. Ken felt that he wanted to complete the presentation as soon as possible. He will give a run-through to the Coalition for feedback. A tentative date for the first presentation to a town board was set for March 2003.

The next meeting will be held on 18 November at GSF offices at 4-6 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Porco

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Ken Kindler
Open Space & Trails Advocate

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