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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!


LONG ISLAND SAFE TRAILS COALITION                                                       

November 18, 2002

Members Present:  Dai Dayton, Jodi Grindrod, Ken Kindler, Richard Lupoletti,

Gene Makl, Dianne Rulnick.

1.  Snowmobiles

    A letter will be sent to the National Park Service to protest the

proposed increase in the allowable number of snowmobiles in Yellowstone Park.

2.  Mission Statement

    The following mission statement was written by the members present and


“Long Island Safe Trails Coalition is an advisory group whose purpose is

    to engage in initiatives which will protect Long Island trails and make

them safe for sanctioned recreational use.”

3.  Reporting Safety Problems

    Gene Makl reported on his continued efforts to draft a one page flyer and

a palm card on recommended procedures for trails users to report observed

safety problems.  In discussion with the membership it was decided that:

    a.  1 palm cards would be the right number for a first order.

    b.  cards will be 2 color (buff/green), printed on card stock and might

be laminated.

    c.  Gene will e-mail production prices to Coalition members for decisions

and possible order before next meeting.

    d.  text for one page flyer, with mission statement added, will be


    e. member organizations will run off their own flyers and distribute to

their members.      

4.   ORVs on the Trails

    Continued discussion of how to rid the trails of the menace of illegal

ORVs led to the following conclusions:

    a.  Discouraging illegal use by fencing or barricading was not seen as

practicable because it might lead to further destruction of

woodlands by riders creating

        new, unauthorized trails.

    b.  Enforcement is the key to eliminating illegal ORVs.

    c.  Members agreed to spotlight the danger by writing letters to the

editor in all local newspapers.  A sample letter to the East

Hampton Star will be e-mailed to

        members for comments before it is submitted for publication.

    d.  A copy of the legal limitations on ORV use, required to be

disseminated by dealers to prospective buyers, will be sent to

each member before plans are formulated re: LIST approach to these

local dealers. 

There will be no meeting in December.  No date was set for our next meeting.


Dear Coalitioners,
The brochure printing and distribution will be the responsibility of each coalition member organization.   The format is up to you, but the wording must not be altered.
The condensed wallet card version was quoted with a buff background and green print laminated in plastic to make it water resistant and more durable.  The prices are:  1500 cards @ $.21 each, 2000 @ $.17 each and 3000 @ $.13 each.  Delivery is about two weeks.  Let me know if you want any and what quantity.  EHTPS (which will order 500 for their use) will combine the quantities, order all the cards and distribute to your respective organizations at a prorated cost.  Gene Makl

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Ken Kindler
Open Space & Trails Advocate

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