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LONG ISLAND SAFE TRAILS COALITION                                                       

Minutes of August 12, 2002
The second meeting of the coalition took place on Monday August 12, 2002 at the conference room at the Group for the South Fork at 11 a.m. The following were present:
Jodi Grindrod-Group for the South Fork
Ken Kindler-Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference
Larry Kutash-East Hampton Trails Preservation Society
Richard Lupoletti-Third House Nature Society
Callie Velmaches-citizen impacted be ATV's
Dianne Rulnik-Southhampton Trails Preservation Society
Gene Makl-East Hampton Trails Preservation Society
Ken Kindler presided as president of the coalition. Larry Kutash filled in for Ed Porco as secretary.
Gene Makl and Richard Lupoletti presented a first draft of a folder covering emergencies on the trails. The draft covered:
A statement of purpose
Emergency procedure
Non emergency procedure including ATV's on trails
Suggested reporting procedure
The discussion focused on suggestions for the next draft of the folder including use of 1-877 Barrens # as reporting site for reports of problems on the trails and the addition of menacing animals as a reportable incident.
Richard Lupoletti and Gene Makl will present the revised pamphlet at the next meeting. The pamphlet was designed to describe what a trail user should do if she/he sees a problem that ought to be reported. This would allow trail using members of coalition groups to be, in effect, trail stewards in reporting infractions and dangers on the trails. The pamphlet will be distributed initially to all members of member societies and eventually to others such as motels, hotels, bike shops and chambers of commerce, if so decided.
Other items discussed included:
-ATV activity around Backskill area
-Contacting legislators perhaps through existing full time lobbyist for tougher legislation
-Signs to end confusion, e.g. The enforcement council has produced some excellent signs
-Necessity of insurance to be checked by Richard Lupoletti with deputy town attorney
-County parks beginning a neighborhood watch program that we may want to interface with
-Activity versus advisory role of coalition
-Writing a statement on impact of ATV's for distribution along with other educational material to begin by committee headed by Ken Kindler
-Coordination with rest of coalition members
-Common presentations to town boards  by coalition member groups as well as contacting enforcement agencies..
The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 9, 2002, at 11 a.m. at the GSF office.
Respectfully submitted,
Larry Kutash

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Ken Kindler
Open Space & Trails Advocate

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