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LONG ISLAND SAFE TRAILS COALITION                                                       

Minutes of meeting 11 July 2002

The first meeting of the coalition took place on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at the conference room of the Group for the South Fork at 2 PM. The following were present:

Jodi Grindrod - Group for the South Fork

Ken Kindler - Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference

Larry Kutash - East Hampton Trails Preservation Society

Richard Lupoletti - Third House Nature Center

Gene Makl - East Hampton Trails Preservation Society

Ed Porco - Concerned Citizens of Montauk

Dianne Rulnick - Southampton Trails Preservation Society

Ken Kindler was elected president of the coalition. Ed Porco volunteered to be secretary.

The four main areas of concentration for the coalition are: AWARENESS, LEGISLATION, ENFORCEMENT, AND PREVENTION, as they pertain to trail safety and preservation.

Increased AWARENESS with:

-Coalition members

-Other trail users


-Public officials

The meeting focused on increasing the awareness of the ORV problem on public land trails among the various organizations. Suggestions for raising consciousness included:

-Agenda item at organizational meeting

-Newsletter articles

-News releases

-Coalition-wide pamphlet

Richard Lupoletti and Gene Makl will prepare a pamphlet for the next meeting. The pamphlet will describe what a trail user should do if she/he sees a problem that ought to be reported. The problem can be a situation not only related to ORV trespass. It may include other infractions; such as, illegal fires, destruction of flora, illegal camping, etc. A list of people to call with phone numbers, e-mail addresses and fax numbers will form part of the pamphlet. The pamphlet will be distributed initially to all members, but a wider distribution is planned. This may include bike shops, chambers of commerce, motels, etc.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 12, 2002, at 11 AM at the GSF office.

Respectfully submitted, Ed Porco


-We discussed checking the local ORV retailers for conformance to the guidelines of the Truth in Selling Law. 

-The Enforcement Council has produced some excellent signs, will bring an example to show the group. 

-County Parks is beginning a Community Watch Program that we may want to interface with.

Ken Kindler

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Ken Kindler
Open Space & Trails Advocate

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