In 2003 the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference celebrated its 25th anniversary. In those twenty five years, this unique, non-profit, grassroots organization has created a network of over 150 miles of hiking paths on Long Island, including two National Recreation Trails, which are federally protected by the National Trail System.

Trail maintenance and fighting to protect thousands of acres of open space in both counties is their priority.  Last year alone, Greenbelt volunteers donated over 10,000 hours to the cause, cleaning and restoring access to neglected parkland at a minimal cost to the public.

Each summer, Greenbelt leaders instruct credited teacher-education courses on ecology and the environment.  Teachers use the information acquired on field trips with students.  Bringing environmental education into the classroom and getting more people involved in the preservation of Long Island’s natural heritage ranks high amongst Greenbelt’s goals.


They speak to civic groups and clubs to introduce them to the trails and to encourage them to take an active role in saving open space on Long Island.  They fight to get legislation on the ballot to protect open space and gain access through property easements when necessary.  “It can be difficult to gain access through properties worth millions of dollars, “says board member, Richard Schary.  “But we are determined to acquire these right-of-ways that allow the trails to run their course.”


Their free guided hikes introduce thousands of Long Islanders every year to the beautiful parklands, and they publish excellent trail maps.  Over one hundred hikes each year are provided for the enjoyment, education and recreation of all Long Islanders, both Greenbelt members and the general public.  More than 20 volunteer guides lead these hikes, some of them devoted naturalists who provide detailed information on geology, plants and wildlife.


The Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference welcomes new members, with standard memberships starting at $20 per year. Membership entitles you to their quarterly newsletter, Footnotes, which lists all of their guided hikes and other trail news. A $30 Pathfinder membership includes all maps. Maps for members is $3 each for non-members $5 (Nassau-Suffolk, Walt Whitman, L.I. Trail, Pine Barrens E., Pine Barrens W.)

Please include $3 postage and handling.  No postage charge for pins, single patches or decals; $1.50 for multiple orders.


Our books:

Hiking LI - L. McAllister...................................$22.00
Long Island Seashore......................................$10.00
Trail Guide to the South Fork - M. Bottini..........$20.00
Long Island Woodlands....................................$ 9.00
Long Island Freshwater Wetlands.....................$11.00
Doin'NY with Your Pooch.................................$23.50


Maps are available by mail or at many outdoor stores. You can also get them at the Long Island Pine Barrens Information Center or the LIGBTC office in the historic Blydenburgh – Weld house at Blydenburgh Suffolk County Park .


When you mail an in order please include $3.00 postage & handling.


Hauppauge, NY

Unique hand puppets & designer T-shirts that must be seen.  Gift certificates are also available.


The organization maintains an office in the historic Blydenburge-Weld House in Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown.  It is open to the public for tours every Saturday afternoon and the office is normally open all day Saturday and at varying hours during the week.  Call before visiting at to check that the office is open, or for more information about the organization and its work.

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